Chain sling 4 legs - James Crane Electric Chain Hoist

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Chain sling 4 legs - James Crane Electric Chain Hoist Specification

  • Make : JAMES CRANE
  • Model : Chain sling 4 legs
  • Subcategory : Electric Chain Hoist


Chain sling 4 legs
Grade G80 Chain sling assembly c/w Multi Link eye cradle grab hooks to clevis self latchlok hooks
8mmx2 metres long
Adjustable grab hooks
Self locking hooks
Supplied with test certificate

Safety Warning of Hazardous Conditions:

Extreme care should be taken when using the Grade 80 Chain Slings in close proximity of high temperature.

It is therefore recommended that the user must always choose to err on the side of safety and make ample provisions for reduced Working Load Limits.

The following are Our recommendations:

Acidic Conditions:

Alloy Grade 80 slings should not be used in acidic or lyes solutions nor in any other corrosive environment.

Temperature Conditions:

-30°C to 200°C no reduction in W.L.L.
200°C up to 300° Reduce W.L.L. by 10%
300°C up to 400° Reduce W.L.L. by 25%


Alloy chains and fittings should not be hot-dip galvanised nor electro-plated
Galvanised slings must always have the Working Load Limit reduced by 20%
Galvanising should only be done after consultation with the manufacturer



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